The only custom art shop with 100% refunds if you don't love it.*

*Loves it means you're happy with it overall but may still want some minor tweaks. Minor tweaks are things like eye color, hair color, slightly thinner face, thinner eyebrows, adding earrings, etc. Things like that.

If you're not happy with the resemblance, we have 4 rounds of revisions to fix it before you're eligible for a refund.

  • You MUST tell us that the design is off so that we know it needs to be fixed (don't spare our feelings please).
  • You MUST want us to stay true to our styles as seen on our website. We cannot give refunds if you're asking us to mimic another artist/company's style.
  • If any other reason is given besides dissatisfaction with the artwork itself we will consider those requests on a case by case basis (you assume this risk when you order).
  • Please DO NOT use our refund policy to shop around or "just try it out." These cost us a lot of money to create (artist/admin time) and the purpose of the refund policy is to protect you from getting something awful that you're unhappy with.
  • We try to keep these terms really simple and straightforward not full of legal language. Some situations may not be covered here but the basic principle will be upheld that the purpose of the refund policy is for serious buyers who liked our examples on our site but are afraid that their portrait might not turn out looking like them. If you don't like our style, please do not buy from us. We will not negotiate with bullies.

Physical Prints - Refund Policy

We cannot refund for physical prints. However, if there is a problem with the print quality or anything incorrect about your print, please send us photos and in most cases we can send you a corrected print asap. Since prints are all custom, we do not need you to return the flawed print. We're a small business, please don't abuse the purpose of this policy.